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SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition
SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition Perpetual
PN: DG7GMGF0M80J-0002 SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition
0.00 net
0.00 gross
SQL Server 2022 Standard Core
SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack
PN: DG7GMGF0M7XW-0002 SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack
0.00 net
0.00 gross
SQL Server 2022 Enterprise Core
SQL Server 2022 Enterprise Core - 2 Core License Pack
PN: DG7GMGF0M7XV-0003 SQL Server 2022 Enterprise Core - 2 Core License Pack
0.00 net
0.00 gross
SQL Server Client Access License
SQL Server 2022 - 1 Device CAL
0.00 net
0.00 gross
SQL Server 2022 - 1 User CAL
PN: DG7GMGF0MF3T-0002 SQL Server 2022 - 1 User CAL
0.00 net
0.00 gross

Compare products: SQL Server Standard and SQL Server Enterprise

Features SQL Server Standard SQL Server Enterprise
Computer and storage
Maximum number of cores 24 OS MAX
Maximum memory utilized per instance 128 GB OS MAX
Maximum size 524 PB 524 PB
Azure enabled
Azure Synapse Link for SQL
Link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance
Link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance (basic availability groups)
Choice of language and platform
Microsoft Purview policies
JSON T-SQL Enhancements
Modern T-SQL surface area
Query Store by default for new databases
Query Store: Read-replica support
Industry leading performance and availability
Built-in query intelligence: Parameter Sensitive Plan (PSP) Optimization, Optimized plan forcing
Built-in query intelligence: CE Feedback, DOP Feedback, Memory Grant Feedback
Contained Availability Group
Buffer Pool Parallel Scan
(limited to 2 threads, over 64GB Mem only)
AVX 512 extension for batch mode
Intel QAT Enhancements for Backup
(SW only)

(SW + HW)
Secure and reliable
Timeseries support
Always Encrypted with secure enclaves - new features
Granular permissions for Dynamic Data Masking
Data Lake Virtualization
Object Storage Integration with S3-compatible storage


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Frequently Asked Questions about SQL Server

There are two main editions: Enterprise and Standard. The Enterprise edition is dedicated to mission-critical applications and data warehousing. The Standard edition is for customers interested in basic database, reporting and analysis capabilities.
No. The Enterprise Edition is no longer available in the Server + CAL licensing model for SQL Server.
SQL Server 2022 is software that users can use in Per Core or Server + CAL licensing models. SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition is a server software license that requires either per-device or per-user access licenses to use. SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition (lifetime license) works with 1 Device CAL (access licenses for a single device, regardless of the number of users logging in) and 1 User CAL (for a single user, regardless of the device).
CAL assigned to a user allows you to connect to the server of a single user from multiple devices. CAL dedicated to a device allows multiple users to connect from a single device. This variant is particularly used in locations with shift work systems.
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